Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A workshop for Perth high school students on Saturday July 25th at 2pm. Attendees will be taught practical organizational skills which they will then apply to their own situations.

Many students with learning or attentional difficulties face great challenges when it comes to organisation, and often find themselves drowning in sheets of paper. It’s not unusual, for school bags to be jammed full of notes, assignment sheets, assessment papers, excursion slips, etc. The time spent searching through their stash of paper is unproductive for students, not to mention frustrating, and they often feel defeated even before they’ve attempted a task. However, if they’re shown simple methods of organizing paper, their schoolwork can become a lot more manageable.

The workshop will start with some background information for students, providing them with an explanation for their tendencies to be disorganized. Students will then be invited to identify and design a system which best suits their needs and tendencies. Finally, students will convert the paper stash in their school bags into an organised filing system which will be simple to maintain. Although the workshop’s immediate aim is to get students organised for the second semester, it is hoped that the increased awareness of strategies that suit their individual needs will assist students in future study endeavours, as well as other areas of their lives.

To register for this event, please contact Michele on 0411 067 541, or (08) 6460-4690. Bookings are essential, and numbers will be restricted. The cost of the workshop is $44, which includes all filing materials and afternoon tea.

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