Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ADHD Coaching - Are You Starting a TAFE Course Soon?

Many of my clients are going through the final stages of TAFE enrolments at the moment. This can be both an exciting and a daunting process for people with ADHD. Although you're excited about your new course and the thought of making new friends, the fear of the unknown can sometimes cause serious anxiety. So here are my top 3 tips for people with ADHD starting TAFE:
  1. Spend some time on the TAFE website. identify student portals where you can download resources, and look for social activities as well.
  2. Plan some rehearsals - go to your campus before classes start and get a feel for the building. Find the batchrooms, cafeteria, book shop etc. Find the notice board and check out any activities that interest you. You should also rehearse your public transport route between home and TAFE.
  3. Make an appointment to see the Disability Support Officer at your campus. I know that most people with ADHD cringe at the thought, but remember that ADHD is a learning disability, and the support you receive at TAFE will be invaluable. Your meeting will be totally confidential, and nobody else at TAFE need know that you have ADHD. You can speak to the support person about the possibility of recording lectures, using a computer for assessments, and having extra time in exams.

I'm holding an information session for TAFE / Uni students with ADHD. Come along for more help:

Date: Saturday 13th February
Time: 3:30pm
Venue: Wollaston Conference Centre, Wollaston Rd, Claremont.
Cost: $10 per family, so feel free to bring your partner, mum, dad etc.

For further information, or to book a place, contact me:

Mobile: 0411 067 541
Email: micheletoner@hotmail.com

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