Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Stigma of ADHD

A recent study looked at the experiences of parents of children recently diagnosed with ADHD produced the following findings:
  • 77% of theose parents experienced stigma as a result of their chid's diagnosis.
  • 44% of the parents reported that they were concerned about how society would label their child.
  • 40% felt social isolation and rejection
  • 21% felt that doctors and teachers dismissed their concerns about their children
  • Parents' attitudes to ADHD were treatment were influenced by negative stories in the media, their mistrust of doctors, and the influence of general public views.

There is a need for more public education, and the Health Departments of various states / countires should be driving this. We all know how effective the public's education about depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions has increased awareness, diagnosis, and treatment in those areas. Let's all do our bit to educate the public about ADHD. Contact me if you would like a fact sheet dispelling ADHD Myths.

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