Saturday, April 27, 2013

Disorganisation associated with poor motor coordination & ADHD

Studies over the past 30 years demonstrate a link between ADHD and poor motor coordination. This is most likely due to the involvement of the cerebellum as well as the frontal lobe regions (the motor brain) in ADHD, as established in many neuro-imaging studies. ADHD is also associated with substantial disorganisation, due to problems with executive functioning or self-regulation.

A recent study conducted in Israel examined the association of ADHD and disorganisation in boys with and without specific developmental disorder of motor coordination, known as DCD. The researchers created 4 groups of boys:
Disorganisation & DCD
DCD only
Disorganisation only
Control Group.
Disorganisation was assessed by the boys' teachers in the school setting. ADHD symptoms were also assessed, using the Conners' Teachers Rating Scale. Motor coordination was eveluated with the Movement Assessment Battery for children.

Results showed only the children with ADHD and DCD had an organisational deficit. The researchers concluded that organisational deficits in childhood are highly associated with attentional deficits, and this is particularly problematic in children with DCD as well.  (The ADHD Report)

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