Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Management

People with ADHD often experience great difficulty understanding and managing the passing of time. There is some evidence to suggest that they are unable to process time in the linear-sequential manner of those without ADHD. This make is difficult to estimate the amount of time necessary for tasks, causing them to rush things, or spend too much time on some activities.
One consequence of poor time management is the risk of annoying family & friends by constant tardiness. So how do you get your friends to understand that you do care about them, and you're not purposely showing up late for every appointment? Well, try explaining that you have a problem in the area and letting them know what you're doing to address the problem. Get them to help you if possible with prompts and reminders. Choose one thing to change, e.g. being on time for training at the gym, and work on that habit until it's well established. Then focus on the next one. It should become easier with each change.
Time with friends is precious. Learn to use it well.
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