Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things to work on with your ADHD Coach

Coaching is a relatively new profession, and people often wonder what actually happens in a coaching session. Well, it's simple. The client chooses a goal, or a few goals, and then sets about designing the steps required to achieve the goal(s) within a certain timeframe. Along the journey, the coach keeps the client focused, motivated and accountable.
Here's an example of goals you might choose to work on with your coach:
  • Clean out the clutter in my cupboards/ drawers/ garage/ benchtops/ office
  • Increase my ability to process more information without becoming overwhelmed
  • Establish one delicious habit and do it every day
  • Always arrive early and never feel rushed
  • Reduce the amount of conflict in my life
  • Take charge of my life instead of letting others run it for me.
  • Take much more time for me instead of living too much for others
  • Reduce adrenalin in my life so I don't burn myself or others out
  • Accelerate my personal development
  • Find a career I love
  • Discover my personal values & orient my life around them
  • Put my family first without putting myself second
  • Turn my worst weakness into my biggest strength
  • Find a better way to motivate myself
  • Simplify my life
  • Learn how to practice extreme self-care
  • Spend less time in the future (or past) and more time enjoying the present
  • Stop over-promising and making unreasonable commitments
  • Stop smoking completely within three months
  • Ask my partner / children to give 3 hours of time per week to release me for something I enjoy
  • Create a personal health plan that includes daily exercise
  • Learn 5 skills to improve my communication with my partner / children
  • Turn my ideas into revenue streams
  • Deepen my relationships with my friends
  • Get more done but slow the pace at which I'm working
  • Find my voice and speak confidently
  • Free myself from beliefs
  • Shift the paradigm in which I exist
  • Come to enjoy change instead of resisting it
  • Get the quality rest I need

Contact me if there's a goal or two that you'd absolutely love to achieve.

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