Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are you an Adrenaline Addict?

Let's face it, when the dopamine is low people with ADHD sometimes rely on adrenaline to get them through tough situations. Adrenaline is there to give us a jolt of superhuman energy when we find ourselves in danger. Increasingly, people use it to get an exciting rush or high - skydiving and bungy-jumping create adrenaline rushes. Leaving a project or assignment until the last minute also creates the stress requireed to produce adrenaline in our bodies, and that helps us to complete the task - just in time. It is so effective, that many people consciously, or unconsciously use it as a strategy. However, constant adrenaline highs come at a physical and emotional cost. Physically, we are overusing our adrenal gland, and putting stress on the body by regularly circulating adrenaline. We are also harming our emotional wellbeing by creating the stressful situations which cause our body to circulate adrenaline.

CoachU provides the following Adrenaline Self-Test. Many are similar to ADHD symptoms.
How many apply to you:
  1. I drink coffee, colas, or other caffeinated beverages in order to get going and keep going
  2. I eat sugar to calm myself down
  3. I tend to overpromise and then rush to get the project done at the last minute
  4. I arrive at work rushed and already 'on'
  5. I feel an inner rush or lack of stillness or peace much of the time and I can't get rid of it.
  6. I tend to be impatient with the pace or performance of others
  7. I often drive 10km per hour or more over the speed limit or tend to tailgate
  8. I tend to run late or arrive just in time. After all, why waste time by being early?
  9. It often seems that there is a problem, hassle, or difficult situation I'm having to deal with
  10. I don't give myself enough time during the day for the things I do know will come up
  11. I love a challenge, and pushing through it to reach a solution
  12. I get grabbed by surprises or upsetting events and can't calm down for a day or two
  13. I find it boring or difficult to simply hang out with people sometimes
  14. I am at my best when under pressure, especially deadline pressure
  15. Sometimes I wonder if I deliberately set myself up to wait until the last minute
  16. I do not arrive at the airport an hour before my flight
  17. I carry my mobile phone even when I do not need it
  18. Sometimes I think I unconsciously try to find the hardest way of getting something done
  19. People sometimes complain that I am not there with them, even though I am
  20. I tend to be a driven type of person

Scoring Key:

15-20 You are a certified adrenaline addict
11-14 An unhealthy level of adrenaline is probably coursing through your body
6-10 You have a possible adrenaline problem
0-5 Congratulations! You appear to not have an adrenaline problem.

Coaching can help you design and implement strategies that will make you less reliant on adrenalin to get the job done. With a coach you can identify and eliminate your adrenaline triggers. You will replace adrenaline energy with a natural energy and vitality which will make you more productive than ever before.
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