Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Special arrangements for WACE examinations

Circular from the SCSA

Carolyn Hackett (08) 9273 6316
Schools are reminded that they should now be submitting completed special examination arrangement applications with all supporting evidence. Applications submitted without the supporting evidence cannot be assessed.  Applications are due on 25 May 2012.
The school must submit an application form for any student seeking any type of variation to the standard examination conditions. This includes students needing special seating considerations to accommodate a hearing impairment, students needing access to medication, as well as students with a permanent or temporary disability who may require the written or practical exam to be in a different format or who may require additional time.
The 2012 forms, printed on apricot-coloured paper, were sent to all schools in early February. They can be used to apply for the practical and/or written examinations.
If assistance is needed to complete the form, schools should in the first instance refer to the Authority website at www.scsa.wa.edu.au/internet/Senior_Secondary/Exam_Information This links to a range of documents about special provisions for examination candidates, including policy, information sheets on special arrangements and advice for completing the forms.
Written examinations
Applications related to the written examinations should only be submitted after 25 May if there are genuine extenuating circumstances. Late applications should not be submitted for long-term conditions such as ADD/ADHD or specific learning disabilities. After the end of Term 3 only emergency applications will be considered, such as for injuries requiring a scribe or where a candidate has been hospitalised.
Practical examinations
Candidates who suffer an injury or illness after the 25 May must apply for a special format practical examination by 3 August 2012.
Candidates who, as of the start of Term 3, have an existing injury or illness that will affect their participation in a standard practical examination must apply for an alternative format practical examination. These candidates will not have access to sickness/misadventure approval on the basis of this illness or injury. Those candidates who do not apply and do not sit the practical examination (or who sit but perform well below expectations) will receive a ‘non-genuine attempt’ for that examination. This may affect their achievement of their WACE and their ATAR. Please refer to items 46 and 47 in Circular 1 for more information. Circular 1 is available on the Authority website at www.scsa.wa.edu.au/internet/Publications/Circular_eCircular.

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