Saturday, December 26, 2009

ADHD Coaching - Ban New Year's Resolutions

My suggestion for 2010 - make your usual list of New Year's resolutions, then tear the list up and burn it! For some reason this silly ritual of setting ourselves impossible tasks persists year in and year out, and we set ourselves up for failure. I'll never forget a particular New Year's Day about 15 years ago, when my dear friend Wanda gave up coffee, alcohol and cigarettes - cold turkey - all together, simultaneously, and at the same time! I believe that particular New Year's Day was the hottest in Australian history, and we were at a venue without air conditioning. By midday Wanda was swaeting more than everybody put together, and by 3pm she became convinced that she was coming down with the flu. It was obvious to all her friends, if not to her, that the shock of suddenly cutting out all her 'vices' was bringing on some serious side effects. We persuaded her to have a cigarette, or a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. She opted for all 3, and slowly her side effects subsided. We've laughed about that day for many years. These days Wanda does not smoke at all, and enjoys coffee & wine in moderation. It took her several years to get her '3 worst habits' under control, one at a time.
Learn from Wanda and make small changes in your life, for small changes have huge repercussions eventually. I'm borrowing a mantra that a colleague came up with at a workshop I recently attended:
That means that my only New Year's Resolution will be to do my best each day. By that I mean that I will try my best to handle the curved balls life throws at me, and not to beat myself up when my results are less than spectacular. For more information see my website:
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