Sunday, December 6, 2009

ADHD Coaching - To Tell or not to Tell

The decision to tell or not to tell a friend, lecturer, boss or colleague about a diagnosis of ADHD is never taken lightly. I have been asked countless times for my advice on this issue. Of course, there's never a straight answer. It always depends on the situation, and on the people involved. In Australia, unlike the US, ADHD is not recognised as a disability, although it is supported by Disability Services at universities. This means that in Australia you sometimes have to prove your right to accommodations in the workplace or classroom - a daunting task for someone who is already struggling to cope in their environment. Add to that the stigma associated with ADHD - the majority of society's members view it as a cop-out, poor parenting, unhealthy diet, adults who won't take responsibility for their problems.
So what do you do? Here are my 5 top tips:
  1. Look for 1 person you can trust and ask them to be a mentor. Educate them.
  2. Admit to the symptoms but not the diagnosis
  3. Ask for regular feedback and then work behind the scenes with a coach to address any issues raised
  5. Always remember that if you're feeling unvalued - move on. You will be valued elsewhere.
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