Monday, December 21, 2009

ADHD Coaching - Silly Season

This is not called the Silly Season for nothing. Despite our best efforts we can often find ourselves in all sorts of trouble at this time of the year. The other day a psychologist on breakfast TV calmly told the nation that it takes the average family 10 minutes to have their first argument on Christmas Day. Perhaps that is why so many people with ADHD dread it so much. I have been asked the same question many times over the past week: "Any tips for making it through an ADHD-Christmas?" So, here are my top 3:
  1. Don't over-commit. Bill Cosby once said: "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody". In your attempts to keep everybody happy, you might be tempted to fill your diary with too many Christmas Catch-ups, and end up disappointing friends if you cancel. Instead, choose one day where you invite all your friends to a BYO Christmas Catch-up in a park.
  2. Take time out. It's important to schedule some days and/or nights where you just "chill". Burning the candle at both ends can be fun for a while, but it's not possible to maintain a high level of energy output. People with ADHD can crash and burn without warning if they don't rest. It's also important to take little timeouts at functions that might be stressful. For example, if you simply can't bear another minute of your boring brother-in-law, politely excuse yourself and go for a discreet walk around the block.
  3. Be kind to yourself. People with ADHD tend to have a long mental list of things to do over the break, and then beat themselves up when they don't get done. Add them to your New Year's list and slowly tackle them in the coming weeks and months.
Remember, Christmas doesn't have to be perfect. It's the mishaps that make days memorable. Relax and enjoy yourself.
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  1. Having food either organised/bought or prepared before the day helps tremendously - limit the amount of cooking and keep it simple, nibbly and cold. In WA it's bound to be a hot day so salads and cooked cold turkey/chicken/ham/pork or a BBQ goes casually well, especially if you have a crowd - it also means that if there are delays and mess ups it wont be noticed and people usually dig in and help out - especially the manly BBQ thing!!!